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He!! Are you searching the latest version of the unfair Mario game unblocked 66? If yes!! then let me guess the reason behind it. You may be frustrated with the casual series of the Super Mario series and want to try something new. Welcome to our site, here is the latest version of Unfair Mario for you to play without download.

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When I played this game, I was shocked lol. I thought why the developer made this game, which is so hard and doesn't have any manageable level. In my experience, this is the best game for people who think they are the best gamers LOL. Please share this game with those friends, who always claim that they are the best. LOL

Why is it called Unfair Mario game?

As demonstrated by the developer, when this game was developed he asked his BFF to try this game. When he tried, then he was just shocked and said that it is totally unfair game. So, the developer had got the idea about its name and named it Unfair Mario. At the time of development, the anonymous asked about the theme of this game; then the developer replied that he has got the idea from the cat Mario unblocked 66.

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It is a flash-based game; it means you have to install the flash player before you begin the game. It is a 2D adventure and action game that is full of challenges and support single player mode. It is divided into the levels and sub-levels. There are invisible traps, hurdles, and stone everywhere in the way, so, you have to remember the place where you can come across the hurdles, but it is entirely impossible for one to remember the place and no one has such an outstanding memory. You can consider this reason for naming it as unfair game :P. But wait a moment, there is a fair mean too. You are granted the infinite number of life here. It means, it is not possible to die in this game.

Why is Unfair Mario so favorite among its fans?

In today’s world, people are born with creative and discovering mind. They are always attracted towards the activity that contains hints and clues and makes them think. This is also a way to increase the IQ level. Its gameplay is similar to the one of the popular game “Awesome Nintendo.” In this game, the character is wearing the plumber dress, and he died in a particular manner. There are a lot of mysteries, spikes and textual content that appear on the screen from time to time. You have to keep the notice and remain alert every moment.

If you do a single wrong deed or movement, you fell down and replay every time. There is a built-in counter that tells the player that how many times he died. You can join the conversation with other players in which they share their experience and scores.

How Unfair Mario is superior to Super Mario Games?

It is not the part of the official Mario game series, but it is one of the aggressive game that controls you psychologically even you are forced to snatch your hair. Now, it’s time to show the IQ and memory level. Save your life and cross hurdles coming in your way. When you are victimized by any hurdle, then you died, and the level gets restarted.

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