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The Unfair Sonic Unblocked Game

Unfair Sonic is a fantastic online game that you can easily play using any of the modern browsers available these days for free. This game actually lies in the Arcade category. The fantastic game has gotten 1131 plays, and seventy percent of game players have up-voted it. This remarkable arcade game is made with HTML5 technology, and it is accessible on Mobile and PC web as well. You can play this game online for free on Android devices, PC, and also on the iPad and iPhone.

Now, put your skills to the ultimate test as you play this challenging and fantastic game filled with a lot of different tricks called the Unfair Sonic! Experience all of the new levels and acts that have been included in the game with a very unfair layout that really trolls all the users. Do not always believe what you actually see, as this game will only be messing with you. Enjoy!

Annoying Orange Unfair Sonic

Unfair Sonic is actually a sonic troll arcade game initially developed by Master Games users of It’s an amusing troll joke game that really resembles a lot of the 2D classic Sonic the Hedgehog games, but it is full of different traps. The game is completely unfair, to be very honest. You can try more unfair games on our new page.

You’ll die a lot in the game. It’s certain to make you angry quit. It has become very well-liked on Youtube. Many witty rage’s watch. The great strategy for the game is just to remember how and where you died the last time you played this game, so you do not make the same errors over again. So get this game now and enjoy!

Gameplay by Pewdiepie 

Unfair Sonic, also recognized as Sonic Unfair, is actually a sonic fan-made game that is quite well-liked because of the ludicrous difficulty that is extremely unfair to the users of it. At the core, the gameplay of this game is similar to the conventional Sonic game where the users have to carry the Sonic Hedgehog across the whole area to safely reaching the far end. 

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However, unlike the conventional sonic game, this one is actually based on the level layout of the Unfair Sonic features tons of Robotnik boxes, collapsing bridges, traps, and different other things that will actually trick the player and end the level too early. 

This fantastic game also has a much more straightforward game mechanic, in which Sonic has to acquire just one gold ring that can be found at the end of the level, and they just counter display is the number of times Sonic has actually died during the game. In fact, dying in the game is quite usual, so expect to reach the double digits in your counter. Try your best to make it through all the levels.


Sonic Unfair is the hard sonic game that really tests all the fans of the classic Sonic the Hedgehog game. Discover the hidden traps in the levels of this game as you try to collect all the rings and advance through a stage. Nothing will be what it frequently seems.


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